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3 Good Reasons to Hire Skips in Adelaide

Posted by Bins Adelaide on 6 November 2015

Are you thinking of hiring skips in Adelaide but not so sure if its something that is well worth spending your money on? Why hire one of these giant trash bins in the first place? What most people don't realise though is that these services offer more than just added storage for all the rubbish that you're looking to throw out. How exactly is this so?

The benefits of renting mini skips in South Adelaide

Easy waste management

While most people have no trouble managing their waste on a day to day basis, there are situations that require more than just your regular trash bin. Perhaps you're due for an annual spring cleaning or you might be in the middle of a building project and finding it hard to get anything done with all the clutter? Mini skips give you added storage space for all your rubbish any time you need it. Your skip bin is delivered on-site and collected afterwards along with all your rubbish; Proper waste management has never been easier!


If you've checked on skip prices in the country then you'd know that these bins can be quite expensive and you likely won't need the extra storage space all year round. You can enjoy the same benefit at a fraction of the cost by renting one! Mini skip prices for a bin hire has gone down over the years and you can rent a small one ( 2 cubic metres) for less than $150. This of course includes delivery and collection charges so that you don't have to worry about anything else.

Environment - friendly

Yet another great thing about renting mini skips in South Adelaide is that these service providers not only help you get rid of your trash but uphold your responsibility to the environment as well. All the rubbish that they collect from your bin is routed to the nearest waste disposal facility for recycling.

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