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3 Important Things to Consider when Hiring Skip Bins in Sellicks Beach

Posted by Bins Adelaide on 6 February 2016

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Looking to do a skip bin hire?

Are you thinking of hiring skip bins in Sellicks Beach? What are some of the things that you need to know about bin hire services? If you've never had to do hire a skip bin in the past then these are the things that you've probably been wondering about.

Now doing a skip bin hire isn't at all uncommon and its an invaluable service highly sought after by people who are at odds with their waste management needs. Whether you're tackling an extensive renovation project, minor or home repairs or perhaps the occasional spring cleaning, you can expect rubbish removal & skip bins to provide you with a reliable system for removing waste products in and around your home. Gone were the days when you had no choice but to leave significant amounts of rubbish to pile up in a corner which can be hazardous to eveyone's health and safety. Renting a skip bin means you'll have access to a large metallic container big enough to store all your rubbish and have someone promptly collect and dispose of it afterwards. How convenient is that?

A few things to look out for when hiring skip bins in Sellicks Beach

Indeed bin hire services can prove extremely helpful in any situation wherein you'd be dealing with more rubbish than you can normally handle. That said, there are a few things that you'll need to consider if only to ensure that you end up with the right bin for the job:

Your location

Keep in mind that you're renting out large metallic bin containers that weigh several tons at least so plan ahead and designate a specific spot where you actually need it. Having to move it somewhere else afterwards is usually out of the question. You can expect most bin hire companies to accommodate your request as best they can so long as you've got ample space for it. If not then you do have the option to set your bin by the roadside although you'll need to apply for a special permit from your regional council in order to do so.

The size of your bin

Perhaps the most important factor that you need to consider is the size of the skip bin that you're renting out. These bins are available in different sizes from relatively small 2 cubic metre bins to its much larger counterparts (up to a 9 metre cubic bin). Granted, you'll probably won't need anything that large but make sure that you don't opt for a smaller sized bin with the intention of cramming in everything just to save on cost. Overloaded bins are not safe to transport and your bin hire company will likely refuse collection of the bin unless you properly load it up to its maximum rated capacity.

What will you put in the bin?

Yet another factor that you'll need to consider are the contents of your bin. What most people don't know about hiring skip bins in Sellicks Beach is that you can't just load it up with anything you want. Potentially hazardous items are not allowed such as batteries, excess paint, asbestos and other harmful chemicals. Make sure that you thoroughly discuss your usage requirements with your bin hire company and they may yet provide you with a specialised bin designed to store hazardous waste products.

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