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Hiring Skip Bins in Adelaide - Large Skips for Hire

Posted by Bins Adelaide on 14 October 2015

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Looking to do a skip hire?

Are you interested in hiring skip bins in Adelaide? These bins are essentially big, industrial-sized containers similar to the ones you'll find loaded unto waste disposal trucks and around construction sites. Smaller versions are available for private or commercial use.

Of course you can always buy your own skip bin although that's hardly practical especially for residential users. The better option would be to do a skip hire from companies that rent them out. Such a company also hauls away the bin after you're done along with all your rubbish. Isn't that convenient?

Important things to consider for hiring mini skip bins

Indeed budget skip bins can prove extremely useful when you're dealing with significant amount of rubbish as is often the case with most commercial establishments or if you're doing a few renovations around the house. However there are certainly a number of things that you need to know about hiring mini skip bins in the country if only to avoid any problems along the way.

The type of skip bin

Skip bins in Adelaide come in various types along with the kind of rubbish that you can put in them. For instance, you can't put waste electronics in a skip bin designed to hold construction waste materials. Same goes for toxic and flammable materials which require a specific type of skip bin. Make sure you clear these things with your service provider first and let them know exactly what you'd be using the bin for.


Skip bins also come in various sizes from 2 cubic metres holding up to 2.5 tons of rubbish to as large as 9 cubic metres. It's important to size your bins correctly to avoid any inconvenience and additional cost. Filling a bin beyond its maximum capacity is also not an option as your service provider may refuse to haul away your rubbish as its against state regulations. The best thing to do is plan ahead and get a bin that is large enough to address your waste management needs.


Extra features

Some bins also come with additional features if you should need them - wheels for easy relocation, locks for better security and rear doors for more convenient access.

Ready to get started? Knowing exactly what to look out for puts you in a much better position to keep on top of your waste management needs. Call Bins Adelaide today on 0426 570 035 and check out some of the best deals for hiring skip bins in Adelaide.

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