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What to Expect Out of Skip Bin Prices

Posted on 28 January 2016

Image of Multi Coloured Rental Skip Bins in Adelaide

Rental prices for skip bins in Adelaide

Are you wondering about skip bin prices and what you can actually expect out of it? How much does a skip bin cost? These are all perfectly good questions especially when you've never had to deal with bin hire services in the past.

Perhaps you're looking to some spring-cleaning in the house? Gardening or in the middle of extensive home repairs or some renovations perhaps? Whatever the case, a skip bin can certainly prove helpful when it comes to managing your waste properly and conveniently. Still the question remains - how much is it going to cost you?

So how much does a skip bin cost?

The short answer would be - it depends. If you're looking to buy one then you'll find that these large industrial-sized metallic containers are expensive and can easily cost thousands of dollars not to mention the additional equipment that you'll need to haul it away yourself. For most people, it makes better sense albeit economically to rent out a skip bin especially when your need for it is only temporary.

Rental prices for skip bins in Adelaide generally depends on the size of the bin. Here at Bins Adelaide, prices start at $130 for a 2 cubic metre skip bin up to $365 for a 9 cubic metre bin. A 2 cubic metre bin is more than enough for the occasional clean up around the house (up to 2.5 tonnes of general waste) while its much larger 9 cubic metre counterpart is often deployed in construction sites and renovation works.

Whatever the extent of your waste management needs, you'd want to do a thorough comparison of skip bin prices if only to ensure that you choose the right one. Know that you can't rent out a small skip bin with the intention of overloading it and cramming in more rubbish that it can properly hold. It only makes the bin unsafe for transport and your bin hire company reserves the right to refuse collection outright until you sort out the excess.

Ready to get started with one of the finest and most reputable bin hire companies in Adelaide? You can expect nothing less out of Bins Adelaide! Call us today on 0426 570 035 and inquire about our skip bin prices.

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